Have a good time with your spouse at home with 20 Ideas

Ideas to spend productive time at home with my wife

It was time to find yourself engaged in spending time with your spouse at home. After the corona virus pandemic, perhaps we have never been together with our spouses this much.

I hope you have spent more quality time with this list, which we think will make your time productive and beautiful. ?

To have a good time with your spouse at home ne gerekir?

Complete puzzle

Puzzle is a relaxing, intelligence-enhancing, thought-provoking and enjoyable activity. You can't even understand how time passes with it. If you puzzle with your partner, the feeling of completing each other will come to the fore. These will be very special moments for you, especially when you turn it into a painting and hang it on the wall of your house.

Finding a TV show you'll be passionate about

Find TV shows that you both might love, or even want to watch the next episode right away, while silencing each other at every moment. Sharing the same experience will add beauty to your conversation and you will have productive and warm times.

Talking dreams

Sometimes we are unable to even recognize our spouse living in the same house. Why is that? Because we all change. Just like change is the only constant thing… Dreams tell a lot about people. It allows you to connect with them. You may even be instrumental in a useful step for your spouse to achieve his dreams one day. If you want to be able to show your love in the simplest way, ask your partner's dreams and listen without judgment.

Suggesting to articulate the good traits you think about each other

You can do this not just to spend time, but after the discussion is over and the event is over. Thus, not only bad things are spoken, but also awareness of good things will be felt. We all need this.

Giving each other special areas and times

Being married or dating does not mean that you will always share the same things, always do the same things. This just makes the relationship old. Look, don't get me wrong, we always say being in the same place, doing and sharing the same things. Every person is an individual. We have different characteristics and interests. Take care to give each other special areas and times.

Talking memories

Talking about the past is one of the most beautiful things that reminds you of the value of time and your current situation. Take care of them and remove their dust and caress them. ?

to play chess

As the quality of your playing increases, this game, which you can have fun like crazy, will make you use the smallest space in a fun and efficient way.

Playing Backgammon

Playing games with cards

Bonus: For those who like to play Okey; The 101 game, which is a type of okey, is played for 2 players

It has been tried and the result is successful. Each rule is the same, only after you distribute it to 2 people, the remaining pieces will be revealed gradually. So much! Although it takes a while for the stones in the middle to be finished, we know that it will not make any difference to your loved one. ?

Playing word game: saying another word with the last letter of the word you say (also good in English)

Although it looks like a very simple game that the little ones can play, it will be a great time to have fun when funny words are squeezed together. If you want to make it even more difficult, add the last word by counting it all over.

E.g; apple and it's your turn; apple-pear ande row on the opposite side; apple-pear-wheelchair

Playing the game this way will also improve your memory.

Entering the kitchen and preparing something / racing for each other

Give it a certain amount of time and see what it will come out of the kitchen with. I am sure that the food he prepared for you will be very good even if it tastes bad.

Trying to get to know each other more with questions

Dealing with your hobbies, albeit different, at the same time

We said try to give each other special areas and special times individually. Hobbies evoke different feelings all the time. What is revealed makes you and the other person happy. It will be special moments to start and stop at the same time and see what you've done at the end.

Preparing and videotaping jokes


If you want to try learning choreographic dance, we can recommend an app.

Trying to draw each other

Trying yoga positions for partners

We can suggest a video right away.

Preparing surprises for your spouse with little notes

Making TikTok videos and having fun even if you don't like it


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