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What is SEO? SEO means everything to anyone with a website! SEO will tell you I am here on every path you take. 🙂 With this article, the simple logic of SEO will now be circulating freely in your mind. Because we explained it in a very simple and fun way.

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What is SEO?

What we are going to tell is also valid for other search engines. It is Google who cares most about this job.

Google is a search engine. The service it provides is to present the most appropriate and highest quality content, respectively, to the subject being searched. If this ranking cannot be done in a way that pleases the visitor, people will not prefer this search engine. That's why Google puts those who do this job right on the top, and removes those who don't.

How does Google select relevant and quality results? Of course, according to the SEO studies that have been done. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Google wants you to optimize your site for search engine. In other words, he wants you to make your site the best and most suitable for the search engine and visitors. It evaluates each website with the SEO studies it detects and ranks the results accordingly.

SEO is defined as a development process that increases the development, quality and traffic of your site. This is a result-oriented definition. Let's let you get to know him better.

SEO is actually the language you generally use to describe your website to Google. You must learn to introduce yourself to him.

With all the SEO work we do, we would say the following to Google;
"We are in line with the results for this keyword!"
“We offer the visitor a quality experience in this regard!”
"Google! We did what they wanted and we can please their visitors. Come on reward us! "

There are many things Google wants us to do well. Content quality, relevance to search intent, and speed are among them. He is a difficult teacher. It forces you to pass the SEO lesson. In other words, it actually trains you step-by-step so that visitors have a good experience on your site. If you do not study well, you will fail the class.

You will do your best to please your visitors. This is our point.


What is the SEO process? What does SEO consist of?

We would like to talk about most of the steps for those who ask what works SEO includes. We are also preparing our article on how to do it. If you are about to open your site or if you want to improve the SEO of your existing site, this article will be useful for you.

We have mentioned the most important and known steps for you to better understand SEO. Of course, there are other more detailed steps.

Creating the site ID

Creating a site ID for SEO steps

This step is actually like a note that you should always look at. Sometimes we may go beyond the purpose of our site. This will not please Google either. Therefore, determining our features at the beginning will help us proceed in a certain way.


Brand Name

Ne Gerekir

Brand Slogan

To find out what it takes Ne Gerekirmust look at!

Brand Purpose

In every subject ne gerekirto turn into a giant information platform by providing the necessary information and tools to how-to questions.

Brand Vision

★ To be the world's most reliable and useful information platform.
★ To provide visitors with experiences that will make them feel special in every content.
★ To ensure that visitors get the information they need quickly, and not to disturb them while reaching the information they want.
★ To ensure that the visitors benefit from the information by feeling comfortable and safe.

Brand Values

No matter how slowly we move forward, we do not give up on quality. What is important to us is that each of our content must meet your exact needs.

We are against Information Pollution. That's why we prepare our articles with the people involved as much as we can. We present the final versions of our articles to our experts in order to verify the accuracy of our articles.

We offer ways to overcome the barriers in front of individuals in order to reach people regardless of language, religion, race, disability or disease.

Brand Colors:

Dark Blue, Blue: Reliability
Orange: Energy and sincerity
Sea Green: Right information

Who are your competitors?


What are the features and services offered by your competitors on their sites but not available on yours?

★ Show reference sources for articles. (We are under construction.)
★ Special visual works for each content. (We are in the planning phase.)

What can you do differently from the features and services your competitors offer on their sites?

★ We do interviews with experts and popular names.
★ We can reach more target languages ​​and countries.
★ Asking questions is free, comments can be made and there is messaging between members/experts.

Building the roadmap ID

Steps to create an SEO roadmap

I think we need to create an identity here, too, before we can create a detailed road map. This will help us proceed a certain way while creating and editing your roadmap.


Who are your target audience?

Anyone who needs knowledge. (You can answer this like young people, women, university graduates.)

Where is your target audience located?

The whole world (You can answer this like Istanbul, All Turkey, Bursa.

How do you want your visitors to feel on your site?

Feeling that they can easily access the information they want, not worrying about the accuracy of information, feeling admired

How much content and information do you want to publish on your site?

Close to infinity 🙂 (You can answer here as satisfying as necessary.)

Will you interact with your visitors and customers on your site?


Is social media important to your site or business?


Do you want to increase your references on your site?


Will you collect visitor contact information?


Are you going to sell through your site?


If you are going to sell, will the payment processes take place on your site?


Do you have a set date to publish your site?

I had it, I posted it.

You should always keep these two identities in front of you when creating a roadmap. You will see your goals, who you are, what you will be working on.

During installation

Things to be established when starting SEO work

Google Search Console

You must define your site's registration here. Here you will be able to submit your sitemap, see errors, pages in scope and index, and monitor your site performance. More features are also available.

Google Analytics

You must define your site record here. Here you can perform visitor analysis. You can track your target audience, behavior, conversions, goals. More features are also available.

Analytics alerts

When you set up Google Analytics alerts, this tool will give you information about performances. For example; “What is Seo? - Ne GerekirYour post ”received / did not receive more conversions than last week. Thus, you will be able to set goals according to the course of the situation and revise the steps in front of you.

Yandex Metrica and Bing WebMaster Tools

Metrica, Yandex's analysis program, has a different interface than Google Analytics. This provides analysis reports such as summary, reports, visits, conversions for visits from Yandex search engine.

SEO Plugin / Module

You should add an SEO plugin to your site with wordpress plugins such as All In SEO, Rank Math, Yoast. The plugin you choose will allow you to organize your permalinks, determine your nofollow pages, create a sitemap, and guide you with warnings and scoring while creating content. There are many more paid, free features.

Facebook Pixel

This allows you to monitor visitor activity on your website. Thus, you can measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads, define special target audiences, and make analysis. More features are also available.

Google ADS and Analytics

This is just like Facebook Pixel provides analytics on Facebook ads. If you define Google ADS and Google Analytics to each other, you will be able to analyze your Google Ads. You can measure the effectiveness of ads, you can define custom audiences. More features are also available.

For user experience

Improving the visitor / user experience

Mobile compatibility

You know that nowadays visitors mostly come from mobile. Your sites must be mobile compatible. You can take this further. Your theme can be designed so that the visitor can use their fingers comfortably. It would also make sense to choose the right theme.

Page speed

Never forget that moment when you show your site to someone, when you feel embarrassed by slow page transitions. You know the visitor won't wait for seconds to load pages. Because there are dozens of alternative sites. If he cannot find it here, he will find what he wants elsewhere. He will not be patient because he knows this.

404 Errors

These mistakes really cause great trouble for you. The visitor doesn't like 404 pages, so neither does Google. You should follow them and redirect to your relevant page.

Visitor movement analysis, visitor video recording and heat maps

By analyzing these movements, you can find out what the problem is and the method that went well. There is also another method that is not known by everyone. Video recording of every movement of the visitors. This is really an extremely useful method. You can see your intensity, navigation and click areas on heat maps.

SSL certificate

This certificate will make your visitors feel safe. Because it checks the accuracy of the site addresses. It provides secure transmission of private information such as passwords. Sites with this certificate have a lock or green area to the left of the URL bar.

Performance optimization

Site Performance Optimization

Hosting or server company

These are website publishing services that allow all pages on your site to be presented to the visitor without interruption. You should choose a hosting or server service that is close to your service area. It is important to choose packages with good performance and features while receiving service.


Scope errors

You should heed the warnings about your pages in Search Console. You should then verify the fix with Google. Situations such as 404, 410, 5xx, 503 are coverage issues. You will already see these warnings in the scope section in Google Search Console.

Caching your pages

Caching is the temporary storage of your data. It will reduce bandwidth and server load. This will increase your site speed.

Shrinking JS / CSS files

JS and CSS files directly affect site performance. You can apply to the expert of this job to reduce or delay it. Plugins can also do these things, but as a result, errors may occur in the design.

Large images

There are plugins and sites that can reduce the size of the images quite a bit without compromising the quality of the images. Doing these actions will still affect your site speed. WebP-format images currently seem to be the most accurate format for speed. You can use svg format for logo and vector images.

Loading images asynchronously

The loading of the images as the visitor downloads the content makes a great contribution to the opening speed of the site.

Database optimization

There are many ways in this process, such as changing the data type, adding index, optimizing ID columns. It would be good to consult a professional for this optimization.

Technical SEO

Website technical SEO optimization


Pages with quality content should be indexed. At the same time, you should prevent the indexing of irrelevant and no content pages (noindex).

Scope errors

You should heed the warnings about your pages in Search Console. You should then verify the fix with Google. Situations such as 404, 410, 5xx, 503 are coverage issues. You will already see these warnings in the scope section in Google Search Console.

Canonical label

It is a canonical arrangement to show that negerekir.com and www.negerekir.com addresses are the same and which one is valid. Many pages and content like this may need this tag.

Sitemap and crawl budget

Google can find and index your pages from your link distribution on your site, even without your sitemap. You can only have pages that you want indexed in the sitemap. That's why sitemaps are important for search bots to crawl better. In this way, you also contribute to the scanning budget.

Bots will be responsible for 500 quality pages that should be in the index instead of scanning 300 pages continuously.

Content optimization

Website content SEO optimization


Your content should also have a strategy. You should follow your competitors and make up for your shortcomings accordingly and offer what they don't.


Keywords are words that visitors search for in search engines. In order to get the most appropriate results for these words, you should do a keyword research.

Informative and quality content

The quality of the content cannot be measured in terms of length and shortness. But long and at the same time quality content is really king.

User intention

What do visitors actually want in the words they search for? Want to get information? Or buy a product? These are just 2 of the search intents. You should create your content accordingly.

Images and videos

Feeding content with images and videos will both extend the time the visitor spends on your page and provide a good experience. You will get really good feedback if you present videos on the spot.


Update your content regularly. Everything evolves. You can create an update map. You can check the articles whose agenda changes a lot once a month. You can check the topics whose agenda does not change much every 3 months.

On-site SEO optimization


On-Page SEO optimization

Content for the user

Influencing search engines only works for a short time. You may encounter penalties later on. Delight your visitor, it's that simple.


I guess the warning to use only one H1 header on each content page is a thing of the past. Google webmasters replied with a video that multiple H1 tags did not cause a problem in their system. However, if you do not have a very specific strategy for this, it would be more appropriate to use a single H1.


To be accessible

You may need to pay attention to many issues for disabled or sick individuals. You can find subjects that you need to pay attention to, such as colors, an object in the visuals you use. The most well-known method on this subject is to add alt tags to images for visually impaired individuals.

Title hierarchy

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags actually have a hierarchy from the main heading to the smallest heading. Using them correctly both prevents the visitor from breaking away from the content they read and provides clues for Google.

Interesting meta title and meta description

Your title, where your keywords should be, should be interesting. Sometimes it should have numbers and sometimes it should make you wonder… Remember, the first thing your visitors will see everywhere will be your title.

Your keywords should also be included in the meta description, and should also lead to clicks.

Links inside and outside the site

You can direct it to relevant content. Also feel free to link to other sites. Anything that works for them pleases the visitor and Google.

Off-site SEO optimization


Off-Page SEO optimization

This is where you should be very careful. Please do not get excited and buy backlink packages.

Link strategy

Say to yourself about backlinks: Less, more! It is important that you are mentioned in places that will really come back to you and create interaction. That's why the thought that the more backlinks I have, the better, brings nothing but evil.

What I am talking about strategically is that you should examine your competitors according to your content. Trying to be there where they are will work. It is also very important to find places where they are not, but to create interaction. Be sure to link to your brand name.

Social networks

Getting links from your social networks is important for brand awareness. Using your social networks actively will increase the signals for this awareness. It is also important that you produce social media-specific content.

Be a guest writer

You can guest post to relevant sites to mention a topic or your site. These articles should also be original and should be studied.

Local SEO optimization

Local SEO adjustments for the site

Google My Business, Yandex Maps, Bing Businesses

By indicating the location of your office or shop here, you make it more accessible. You can mention many of your features and show the hours you are open.


Place regional ads on Google and social media. You can mention your brand on local sites.


SEO is essential to create an accessible and quality site. It takes patience and effort.

You have many competitors. How will they find you among all these options? Of course, with a quality SEO work and subsequent search result rankings…

If you do not perform SEO work, it will be almost impossible for you to appear on the first pages in search engines such as Google. Doing this work well provides you with positive points in terms of brand awareness and reliability. Whatever you do over time, you are likely to be on the first pages.

Even if you have a website and know how to do SEO, leaving it to a team can be an important strategy. Because SEO is an issue that needs attention. If you say let me deal with the technical part, write articles and work on SEO, you may not be able to provide full quality. Of course, nothing is impossible.

Yes some. This is a labor job, you will never find a shortcut here. So don't worry about these kinds of issues and just try to please your visitor.

Yes to seven. It's really a great job where you can always feel dynamic. Because SEO is always evolving and changing. There are very few people in Turkey whose SEO work is very high quality. Therefore, you can be among the few people by improving yourself.

It depends on which areas you are optimizing and which subjects you are working on. It's different if you're only doing internal optimization, different if it's presenting reports, different if it can handle all the work. There is a price range of 50-350 TL for jobs such as just reporting. Monthly consultants can offer a price between 1.000-15.000. Those who do all the work can offer prices between 10.000-20.000.

Even if you try to do it completely on your own, it is very, very difficult to do it for free. If you try to do some issues yourself, even if you are not an expert, you may cause irreversible problems on your site.

Its logic is easy to learn but hard to implement 🙂

How did you find our article? Share some information about SEO with us. For the sites of the 5 people who provide the information we find most interesting free SEO analysis we will prepare! 😊


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