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Interview with Koray Tuğberk Gübür, founder of

Mr. Koray is truly the most knowledgeable and successful person I know in Holistic SEO. he founded Holistic SEO & DigitalIncredible information is provided on the site. He sometimes shares the development processes of the projects he is working on on LinkedIn. Truly the levels of success that sites are advancing are incredible. He is invited to give a speech from many places, he receives work requests from many teams from abroad and in the country. Frankly, it doesn't make sense to miss what you're doing. That's why you should definitely follow Mr. Koray on LinkedIn.

From their projects

Koray Tuğberk Gübur is not afraid to waste time with different case studies. That's why it's so successful. He has many technical articles on If you are ready to give your time, be ready to experience enlightenment on many issues.

Koray Tugberk Gugur:
33 days with a completely new domain name.

#SEO doesn't have to be slow. Usually people learn and apply slowly. That's why I'm thinking of leaving SEO Consulting after 2 years.

Note: This site also has Semantic SEO dynamics.

Our Interview

Clearly, the biggest mistake made in SEO in our country is not paying enough attention to SEO. Well, if we talk for people doing SEO work;

What we say before asking questions

What do you think major SEO mistakes are made?

Koray Tugberk Gugur:
The factors that make the SEO Industry in Turkey lag behind the world are divided into three basic classes. While one of these is customer-specific expectations and potential, the other two main reasons are that people in the SEO Industry have difficulty or never get out of the box, and they do not focus on achieving success in their work and really loving their work as much as “name making and money love”.

The customer potential and customer expectations, which is the first of the reasons that leave the Turkish SEO Industry behind, in other words, the customer profile is explained below.

  1. A significant portion of customers are plainly ignorant in terms of significant SEO.
  2. A significant number of customers are not patient enough to wait for SEO gains based on the concepts of Data Science, Data visualization, edge gains (marginal gains - inremental influence).
  3. A significant number of customers do not recognize concepts such as Uncertainty Principle, Decision-tree, Natural Language Processing, Quantum and Nitem Connections (Web Graph). At this point, I must remind you that these concepts are also used in real life when making decisions, learning, changing or advancing thoughts. In other words, the problem moves to a more social dimension.
  4. A significant portion of customers make SEO simple. They are very far from the nature of Search Engine.
  5. A significant portion of customers do not have enough budget for any of their SEO requirements.
  6. A significant portion of customers do not appreciate the value of keeping meetings short and communication precise.
  7. A significant portion of the customers are not aware of the time (beyond consciousness).
  8. A significant number of customers are too forgetful and careless to take part in the field of SEO, which requires high plan and commitment to it.
  9. A significant portion of customers do not trust the SEOs they work with, questioning them and making it even more difficult to work.
  10. A significant portion of customers do not prioritize SEO-related tasks and requirements.

In other words, people who will work in the SEO sector in Turkey should choose their customers very carefully. The above items contain only consequences, not causes. For example, the main reason of Article 9 is related to "SEO Experts' love of name and money", which is one of the main reasons for the Turkish SEO Processor (Industry) not to develop. Therefore, the SEO Operator's presence is also due to a cyclical effect and the general personality of the SEO experts.

The second reason is the biggest and most common cause. Not going out of the box, not knowing a concept or methodology other than the traditional and used programs, not trying, not being able to persuade the customer to try it, not taking risks or not feeling the need to know and realize the need to learn. The following are the main reasons for the errors that Turkish SEOs usually do, not to go beyond the traditional and habitual, and do not perform A / B inquiries (tests).

  1. SEO Agencies and departments are out of merit.
  2. Customers wanting instant results, being impatient for the "questioning" and "observing" methodology.
  3. The fact that SEO Agencies are far from scientific thinking methodology and tradition.
  4. Customers' allowances are not sufficient for experimentation.
  5. Failure to follow the latest updates (state-of-art) in the name of SEO.

These are the biggest mistakes made in the Turkish SEO Processor.

We have read some of your articles. For now, some of it… Because even a single article is full of countless information. We can't wait to read them all. There are projects where you leave aside many known SEO development methods such as user-friendly design, site speed, and get incredible organic visitors only with Semantic SEO.

What we say before asking questions

This style but little known, noteworthy SEO do they have methods?

Koray Tugberk Gugur:
The first mention of the Semantic Search Engine (Deverge) Integration is Sergey Brin's Information extraction from a database named patent, that is the invention. The related invention belongs to the year 1999. Therefore, all the working but little-known methods that may apply to the Google Search Engine are again available from Google's array of methodology and inventions. One of them is Entity-Association, the other is Entitization. Another is a method called Barnacle SEO, which can be translated into Turkish as "Spiral SEO or Surrounding SEO". Another method is the method referred to as “Surround Sound”. Another method is to create a "Search Demand". I know SEO experts who only measure changes in ranking results using methods that include "name-passing" or "mention" or the change in "Confidence-Confidence" and "Relevance" metrics for Google's Knowledge Graph. Likewise, there are different methods that create content entirely from 0 with artificial intelligence, "synonym" words and "word derivation" and "query map" that better place the focus concepts of the content. These methods are sometimes shared in special SEO A/B experiment and observation groups.

There are similar situations in terms of post-link or backlink, but it is not possible to mention at this point.

What can we do to maintain our rankings for certain keywords?

Koray Tugberk Gugur:
Google used to say in its previous articles that there are more than 200 Ranking Signals. In 2020, he announced this number as “more than 2000”. When this is the case, it would not be wrong to say that more than 2000 methods can be followed. The methods you can follow will be different according to the type of the query and the “Query Map” it belongs to, that is, the Query Section. However, the frequency of updating of the relevant web pages of the competitor network areas (competitor websites), the way they are updated, the number of requests, the size of the request, the control of other related bets that are the best of the competitor network domain name, the requests from the Search Engine in the log files, the search engine's "crawl delay” and “indexing delay” controls, “self-completion”, that is, monitoring of changes in auto-complete data, User Experience tests should be carried out in order for the web page to achieve its own purpose better, and “web-graph”, that is, connection-oriented tests, should be performed. Performing all these in a continuous state requires a serious workforce, so Software Knowledge is a great advantage for an SEO Expert.

What can we do to keep the relationship with Google and get its attention that we are a good site?

Koray Tugberk Gugur:
Google does not count a website, but a web entity (network entity) to rank for certain queries and topics. The website is just a domain name and the server behind it. The web entity, on the other hand, consists of the network domain name itself related to the founder, sponsor, employees, authors, topics, date of establishment, social media accounts, commemorations in other network areas. In other words, even if you have a very good website (network domain), it is possible that you will not rank well.

In order to prevent this, you need to perform a Holistic SEO management that focuses on every aspect and reflection of a brand-entity beyond tradition, instead of a traditional SEO approach that focuses only on the "domain name", that is, the website. It is known that in "Affiliate" models based on affiliate marketing, YouTube Channel ownership affects search results and gives more "relevance", "confidence" score to an "entity". Just like Google, YouTube records faces, sounds, visual identification and scanning in its database.

You need to crown a holistic SEO approach with knowledge of algorithms. We know from both its patents (inventions) and its own explanations that Google has completely moved from "rule-based algorithms" to "Deep Learning" strings. Every knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning is helpful for SEO Expert with Data Science and Visualization to explain Google's behavior and choices.

In order to embody, show more Social Media (Social Press) activity from your competitors (competitors), create a Buzz Factor, act like a brand, not a website, be present on all surfaces of the internet and in your own business (industry) you need to perform a classification by removing all good and bad examples.

Thus, how many content you have, what kind of “scroll-depth” it needs, the total number of internal links in the domain, the number of internal links per bet (page), the anchor text that should be used the most, It is possible to determine the update frequency and design principles of the domain name.

This question comes to those who want to set up a site on platforms such as WordPress and Wix that can be made without code.

What we say before asking questions

For those who will set up a blog site or e-commerce site, which platform do you think has more advantageous tools in terms of SEO? Why is that?

Koray Tugberk Gugur:
First and foremost, I would definitely suggest you stay away from IdeaSoft, Tsoft, Ticimax and any ready-made E-commerce system providers. If your goal is to dominate (suppress) your industry (processor), it is not possible to do so with these system providers. This applies not only to the companies I have mentioned, but also to all companies that end with Soft, Max and similar titles.

In this regard, I am managing three clients' projects with which I unfortunately still suffer together. In such paid platforms, even large and national-scale companies are obliged to connect to the owners of such platforms at the end of the day and have to bear enormous costs and time losses. Meeting the needs of this type by establishing an interior partition with the same cost (price) is most suitable for large budget projects.

If your goal is to build your own small e-commerce site, WordPress and WooCommerce or Shopify are better and more appropriate. The first reason for this is the sufficient number of PHP Developers in our country. Thus, you will still have the chance to apply your special requests to your web-domain.

Another advantage is the huge variety of free plugins they have. Wix will be lacking in both plug-in diversity and proprietary software support because it does not have enough prevalence. Similarly, Shopify is a platform where even the simplest plugin (app) is sold for a fee and unfortunately still cannot even determine the custom URL structure.

Therefore, it is the best option for people who do not have WordPress and WooCommerce software knowledge. However, my main recommendation is that they learn software and specialize in Headless CMS (Headless Content Management System), and they do not necessarily depend on the examples in this class. At this point, GatsbJS and GraphQL or Jekyll are my recommendations.

It's something that most of us are unsure of.

What we say before asking questions

Is it healthy to fill the site with duplicate content at first and then continue with original content, or to start with completely original content, and to continue with a solidly accumulated content? Why is that?

Koray Tugberk Gugur:
Google includes similar content in a "cluster". Content coming from the strongest source in the cluster is selected as "Represantative". Each subsequent similar is “Canonacilise” for Representative. This is called Link Inversion. In other words, any duplicate or similar content makes representative content even more authoritative. In order to obtain the Link Inversion effect, it is necessary to be a Seed Domain. All these concepts are, in a sense, foreign to Turkey, and frankly foreign to abroad. Therefore, it is very difficult to “translate” it into Turkish.

Below, you will see an example for this reason.

Let's consider two different scenarios (fiction) below.

The first web-domain has completely original content. It needs a total of 450 content in order to be a power (authority) in the Contextual Subject Entire. In 450 content, there should be an average of “10-15” internal links and 20-25 “entities”, namely named entities. As it will take a very long time to write all these issues as specified, the web-domain name will not be an authority (power) in its field until the project (project) is completed.

Now imagine a project that complements 450 separate content, one copy and one original content. Or, consider a project that gets 450 different content from 10 different sources. What would you think if you were a Search Engine (Deverge) Founder? Contrary to popular belief, "useful content" is important for Google, not "original" content. Many news sites can take place in Google Discovery by copying content from their competitors. Many blackhatists can change the original owner of the content in the eyes of Google, this is called Content Hijacking (No more to be told).

Therefore, during the “Canonical Bug” that Google experienced after September 2020 and had effects until February 2021, many websites (web-domains) in the GSC Account, URL Inspection Tool, “canonicalized” web-bets from different domains for the URL under review ” was showing as root-original page.

Actually, this question raises the following;

What we say before asking questions

How can we overcome the difficulties of the first steps? What path should we follow?

Koray Tugberk Gugur:
Unfortunately, I tell most of my customers that SEO has become a luxury in a sense. This is because SEO includes much more than what Search Engine (Search Engine-Revolution) has to say and can say, and SEO is getting deeper and deeper in itself, splitting into different verticals.

In the past, one SEO was sufficient for a project, but now maybe 5 different SEOs are required for a project. In Holistic SEO & Digital, it is because every customer is educated, knowledge sharing here reduces the risks and difficulties of project management, and increases loyalty to the project.

In this context, below are the things you must calculate before each project.

  1. How many Pages (Bet) will you have?
  2. How many Segments (Sections) will you have?
  3. How many requests will be found by page type?
  4. Which infrastructures and methods will be used on the front-back side?
  5. How many authors and content editors will you need?
  6. How many links, articles, and network (business network) will you need in the branding process?
  7. How many internal links will there be per page?
  8. What will be the page design elements, brand colors?
  9. How many pages will you publish per day?
  10. What will be the amount of queries earned per page?

If you answer the 10 SEO Project startup questions here in advance, you're less likely to be disappointed. Your competitors may have higher brand power than you, they may be more well-known, but that doesn't mean you can't beat them. The nature of SEO is Growth Hacking. In other words, you have to carry the passion within you to do whatever is required for the growth of the project.

I am Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR, thank you to Team for contacting me. Within the scope of Semantic, or Contextual SEO, I wanted to translate the words in my industry into Turkish as much as possible in every question I answered. At this point, you may find it strange, but due to the influence of my own profession and the fact that most of the projects I manage are foreign, my Turkish has deteriorated greatly. In this regard, I wanted to contribute as much as I could, under the influence of the warnings I received recently. Although English is internationally valid, we wish to protect our own language and to be able to adhere to its semantic relationship.

With love,

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR

One of the extraordinary cases of Koray Tuğberk Gübur


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Hey! I just wanted to ask if you have any problems with hackers.

My last blog (WordPress) was hacked and I lost a few months of hard work due to no backup.

Do you have any method to stop hackers?

Ne Gerekir | 🇹🇷

Hello Cameron! I'm so sorry you went through this. I can imagine how you felt.

If security isn't solid, this is a truly sleep-depriving issue. We encountered several attacks. Luckily, we met a friend who always made us feel safe when starting out. He took precautions for many attacks and ensured their control. We have a comfortable sleep. I'll let him know so he can make an expert comment for you. It will help you in a short time.

Maschera | 🇹🇷

Hi Cameron. First of all, I'm sorry for this bad experience you had. Our WordPress-based sites are actually always under threat. For this reason, we must take all necessary safety precautions before starting the service.

To list them simply:

1- System Security
2- File Security
3- HTTP Header Security
4- Firewall
5- WAF

It consists of basic and important components such as

If you need more help with this, I can provide professional support.

➡️ I provide cyber security service to your website.

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