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How do I become a cop? What are the conditions of being a police officer? PYMO, POMEM, PAEM,

What is Police College?

It is affiliated with the General Directorate of Security. It is an old school with boarding and official uniforms. It was closed within the scope of the Internal Security Package and transferred to other schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education.

What is Police Academy?

It aims at the need for officers, supervisors and managers of the Police Organization. It conducts associate degree, postgraduate education, scientific research, publication and consultancy. It contains faculties, institutes and police vocational schools. It is a higher education institution with scientific autonomy.

General conditions for being a police

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
  • Being a high school, undergraduate and / or associate degree graduate
  • If you have graduated from overseas schools, obtaining equivalence certificate
  • To pass the required KPSS base score, to get a score of at least 240-300 points from TYT depending on difficulty
  • Being under the age of 26 for PYMO, not being under the age of 30 for POMEM
  • Male candidates are taller than 167 cm, female candidates are longer than 162 cm
  • To meet the conditions of health regulations
  • Not having an obstacle to carrying weapons
  • Not having received any disgraceful punishment
  • Not having tattoos, obvious scars and scars in your open and closed places
  • Not being expelled from school in any way
  • Speak Turkish flawlessly
  • Not having a prosecution for any crime
  • "He becomes a Police Academy student" from the state hospital. have a medical report including a record
  • Not having any defects in the sense organs
  • The body structure is smooth in all respects and the physical appearance is smooth
  • First of all, tuberculosis, not being flat feet and being suitable for health conditions

What is PYMO?

Police Vocational Schools (PMYO) exist to meet the police officer needs of the Police Department. Makes education and application at the associate degree level. It is affiliated with the Police Academy Presidency. They are free boarding and higher education institutions with official uniforms. In other words, it is a 2-year school that you will study after high school.

What is POMEM?

Police Vocational Training Centers (POMEM) train police officers in need of the Police Department. They are educational institutions that provide vocational education. 4-year faculty graduates, who have the qualifications sought, take the candidates who are successful in the exams. These candidates are given training for not less than 6 months. In other words, it is a training center with a minimum 6-month period that you will receive after university.

What are the PYMO and POMEM application requirements?

  • Graduating from high school or equivalent schools
  • For age corrections made after the age of 18, the age before correction is valid. Women must be 01 years of age as of 18 October of the year the exam is held. Male candidates who do not do military service must be under the age of 24.
  • For male candidates who have completed their military service, they should not be under the age of 26.
  • Having the required score from the university entrance exam to be held by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM)
  • Success in the PMYO Exam

What is PAEM?

Police Chiefs Training Center (PAEM) Police Academy trains middle and upper level managers for the Police Headquarters. It is a university-equivalent educational institution in Ankara. The academy provides first degree management, associate degree and postgraduate education. In addition to education, faculty members conduct scientific research and publications and provide consultancy services. It is a training center where you can enter after two years of work.

What are the application requirements for PAEM?

  • To be successful among the candidates who are invited to the Application Acceptance, Pre-Health Check and Physical Proficiency Exams (Thus, you will have the right to participate in the Interview / Oral exam.)
  • Having completed two years in the profession as of the date of application
  • Being under the age of forty-five as of 31 December of the year in which the exam was held
  • Good performance evaluation score in the last two years Not having received a short-term suspension penalty in the last two years and a long-term suspension within the professional life.
  • Not being made a judicial or administrative investigation due to crimes that would require a penalty for dismissal from profession or civil service.

Differences between PYMO, POMEM and PAEM

  • The education period in PYMO is 2 years and at POMEM is at least 6 months. Those in PAEM receive 11 months of training.
  • Candidates who want to join the PYMO should not be under the age of 26. Candidates who wish to participate in POMEM must not be under the age of 30.
  • Graduates must take the TYT exam for PYMO purchases. For POMEM purchases, graduates are required to take the KPSS exam.
  • POMEM graduates start their jobs with an 8/1 degree. PYMO graduates, on the other hand, start their duty with a 9/1 degree.
  • Persons who enter POMEM graduates as undergraduate graduates are eligible to take the Assistant Commissioner exam after working for 2 years. PMYO graduates are entitled to take this exam after working for 4 years.

What is the Institute of Security Sciences?

Under the Directorate, it carries out postgraduate education, scientific research, examination and publication activities in the relevant disciplines. It is a higher education institution that trains academic staff.

The duty, working principles and procedures of the Institute are regulated by the Police Higher Education Law, Police Academy Management Units Establishment, Duty and Operation Regulation, Police Academy Security Sciences Institute Establishment, Duty and Operation Regulation, Police Academy Security Sciences Institute Graduate Education and Training Regulation.

What is the Institute of Forensic Sciences?

Its main purpose is to train academic staff and expert personnel in the fields required by the General Directorate of Security and Police Academy Presidency. The legislation scanning and preparation of the Police Academy Institute of Forensic Sciences and the enforcement of the prepared legislation are still in progress. Student admissions will be made after the enforcement of our legislation.

At the stage of student recruitment, application requirements, application dates, etc. documents will be posted on the Police Academy website.

7 tips for those who want to be a police 😍

You don't have a single plan

It's always good to focus on one thing rather than a lot of things. But there will be many stages in the policing process that you do not have in your hands. The results of these stages, which also depend on your performances, mostly depend on the commissions that will choose you. That's why we recommend that you always have another plan available. There is no such thing as impossible, don't give up and keep trying again!

Do not be intimidated by policing, with stages and conditions that seem very difficult. If this profession is your dream, you will already do it today or tomorrow.

Do not go on this road just because the money is very good!

It will be the biggest mistake of your life if you enter the police only because of the good money. The difficulties of loving work will be the most difficult and challenging moments in the world for you. Sudden tasks may arise. You cannot use your annual leave whenever you want, unless your superiors give permission. There is a heavy workload. You may have to work even on official permits.

You may have to compromise on everything, just think about it…

You will always have to put your profession first. Sometimes there will be times when you even have to. Your life, your family, and your environment will always be secondary. You can work 7/24. Domestic / foreign duties may suddenly arise. Whatever happens, you cannot object to these tasks, which may be a nuisance. You may also have to go on the eastern mission more than once.

Overcome your oral interview fear

After all, many people take this exam, not just you. Huge and complex questions are not asked. It may be more valuable to be able to confidently say I do not know.

Is it easy to be a cop after high school or after college?

At the university, you need to know yourself and see what you can do. At the end of the university, you will find a person who has experienced many things and knows himself better. It is advantageous to find out if you still want this job. So if enjoying your university is important for you, it may be right to start after college.

Do not torpedo

This will make you feel needy, insecure and useless for the rest of your life. Besides, you do not have the right to such a thing, a lot of people put effort and effort in this way. We say think again before attempting this job.

FAQ to Become a Police

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
  • To obtain a certificate of equivalence from the Ministry of National Education to the school you graduated from and the schools in Turkey
  • For age corrections made after the age of 18, the age before the correction will be valid. Women must have completed the age of 01 as of 18 October of the year of the exam. Male candidates who do not do military service must be under the age of 24. For male candidates who have completed their military service, they should not be under the age of 26.
  • To have the required score from the university entrance exam to be held by the Presidency of Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM)
  • Success in the PMYO written (test) exam
  • Male candidates are taller than 167 cm, female candidates are longer than 162 cm

Kaza-i Rüşt means bringing a non-Reşit (adult) person to the age of majority (adult) by court decision.

There is no change in the age and date of birth of the persons in the decisions regarding the accident-i rüşt. Therefore, your application will not be considered valid and considered by the Presidency.

The spouses or children of the martyrs or the disabled (those with occupational diseases) of the Police Department are to be candidates for the police vocational school. If the decision is taken, they have the right to take the written exam.

They must get at least 1/3 of the highest score in the written exam of the male or female category they are in. When they achieve this, they are included in the main candidate list. Persons recruited within this scope are excluded from the quota determined that year.

If you have graduated from high school or equivalent schools, you can apply for the PYMO exam. Associate degree graduates are not given different privileges than other high school graduates.

The application dates, conditions and detailed information regarding the student recruitment of the Police Vocational Schools are updated every year and announced to all PMYO Student Candidates on the official websites of the General Directorate of Security and the Police Academy in March-April.

Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; Due to deliberate crimes with a maximum imprisonment penalty of one year or more and the crimes listed in Article 657 / A-48 of the Civil Servants Law No. 5;

  • No conviction even if pardoned or prohibited rights have been given back
  • Not having decided to adjourn the announcement of the verdict
  • No ongoing prosecution. Or, provided that the prosecution does not result in a compromise; Only the criminal record of the PMYO student candidate and his spouse is taken into account.

Crimes committed by your relatives other than you and your spouse do not prevent you from becoming a Police.

The scores you get in the physical proficiency exam, professional psychological assessment and interview exam will not affect your Police Vocational School entrance score.

About the points obtained, "Police vocational school becomes a student candidate." or "Police vocational school cannot be a candidate student." It is taken as a basis for decision making.

You can object to the written (test) exam. Objections should be made to ÖSYM Presidency.

The planning of the colleges is done in computer environment according to the criteria determined by the Presidency. Therefore, your place cannot be changed in any way as the process is completed after the planning is made.

We found the Police Department Health Conditions Regulations for you. To reach the regulation Click here.

For Police Vocational School student candidacy application requirements, exam application dates and the follow-up panel of the required documents Click here.

You can find detailed information about the PMYO Exam on the official website of the Police Academy Presidency.

If you graduated from the Open Education Faculty, Department of Police Education, 2-year associate degree university, you do not have the right to be a Police Officer like those who graduated from Police Vocational School.

To become a Police Officer, you must graduate from the Police Vocational Training Center.

The planning for the colleges is done in computer environment according to the criteria determined by the Presidency. Therefore, your place cannot be changed in any way as the process is completed after the planning is made.

While you are a student, you cannot get married or ask for marriage. If you get married despite this, your relationship will be terminated with the decision of the board of directors and the approval of the President after the proposal of the director of the school.

At any stage of the orientation training, you have the right to leave the college by notifying your request to leave the college with a written application to the Directorate of Higher Education.

Except for the provisions of the Health Regulations, if you leave or are expelled from the college, you do not have the right to apply for the College entrance exams again. In case of leaving your college, this will be notified to you in writing, as you request to leave. You cannot go back to school as soon as written notice is given after you leave or be expelled. Your request to return is also not accepted and you cannot be accepted into the College.

Regardless of whether they have graduated from college or not, those who resign or commit a crime requiring dismissal, and those who leave for any reason other than death or health reasons, can claim compensation for their education expenses in proportion to the missing part of their obligation.

They have to pay this compensation according to the provisions of the Police Academy Compensation Regulation. Compensation is demanded from students who leave or are dismissed from the first day of education.

It is available if you apply to the college you study at. Below is the article we prepared for the process of filling out the petition, click to go to the section.

The names of the courses taught at Police Vocational Schools are published in the courses and their contents section at www.pa.edu.tr.

At the Police Vocational School, you will be free boarding and in official uniforms. Your accommodation, accommodation, health expenses and other allowances are covered by the State. Therefore, scholarships are out of the question.

When you graduate, according to the staff and service needs, your success ranking of the students in each school is taken as a basis. Appointments are made to the provinces determined by the General Directorate.

While studying, you can pass the Police Academy Faculty of Security Sciences Exam and register. You can switch without prejudice to the mandatory service and compensation provisions.

Create a petition;

  • Write your contact information (TR ID Number, Name and Surname).
  • In the petition, indicate why you need the relevant document.
  • In the petition, show that you have deposited the following fees into the account number TR560001000743000010005009 at Gölbaşı Branch of Ziraat Bankası Gölbaşı Branch, that is, the original bank certified receipt. (Internet banking printouts are not accepted.)
  • You can send your petition.

Fees to be paid to Gölbaşı General Directorate

  • Objection Fee to Exams: 75 TL
  • Graduation Certificate: 20 TL
  • Diploma Supplement: 30 TL
  • Transcript: 20 TL
  • Curriculum Per Lesson: 5 TL
  • Curriculum for one education term: 50 TL
  • Curriculum for an academic year: 70 TL
  • Curriculum for two academic years: 120 TL
  • Curriculum for four academic years: 200 TL

The source of this article, which we have made more understandable by obtaining the information, is www.pa.edu.tr (Police Academy Official Site). Click to have a look at the Police Higher Education Law.

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