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Ayhan Karaman, founder of and author of SEO Book

Ayhan KARAMAN Turkey's arguably the most recognized SEO expert. Because he is very creative in promoting himself and the work he does really well. What makes him special is that he openly shares all of these tactics and information with us. When you contact him, he answers all your questions. It's very easy to reach his number, when he calls, meeting with Ayhan Karaman makes you feel safe. Ayhan Karaman is a brand that I really wonder about its future.

Our Interview

You have prepared the world's first physically updated book. SEO Book. Did this surprise us after extraordinary successes? Honestly yes again 🙂 As you promised 🙂

We know how sensitive you are to the promises you make as your followers. You are always open to development and improvement, not hiding information and achieving together. That's why I read everywhere that you are a very good and reliable person. It is obvious that we think the same way.

Your blog posts are the great guide. We strongly recommend our readers to read your articles as well.

What we say before asking questions

How is the content in your book different from the content on your YouTube and Blog?

Ayhan Karaman:
First of all, I need to talk about the story of my book. 😊 I am not a person who believes that this work can only be done with books, and I was not very keen on the book side. First of all, I prepared a special booklet for the participants of my training and received very positive feedback. Based on these feedbacks, I started the book preparations by saying why not Ayhan. But I had to knock down something! You don't believe it, why are you taking it off? Because: It had to be different.

I said, how would you differentiate this book, Ayhan? You need to update it, for life. You shouldn't be charged while updating, you shouldn't even charge shipping fees. In an ever-changing and evolving industry, there is no one-off book, no getting paid every time it comes out.

I hit the road and finished.

There were also headlines from my 1st edition blog content (where the contents were revised and updated). It has been a book in which I direct my YouTube content with QR, include unique content, and gain a perspective on SEO.

The 2nd edition was exactly what I wanted. I updated the dictionary and made it more informative. I added redirects. I made redirects between pages. I made directions to support the checklist. I have included SEO content for E-Commerce SEO and Content producers. Updated the famous Football team tactic 😊

Is it possible for you to show some of the site data that has increased in line with the trainings received from you or with your consultancy?

Ayhan Karaman:

I would like to tell you about the project.

What did we do?

First of all, we helped with the process of setting up the website and entering the products. He was receiving special software support from an individual person. We decided to work shoulder to shoulder with the software company and started technical analysis.

As a result of our technical analysis, we brought the health status of the site from 12-15 levels to 92 levels. There were title and meta description problems, orphan pages, broken links, redirect problems, large image errors, URL errors, ALT tag problems. We fixed most of them within the first 3 months.

We have produced content that enables the end user to get answers to the questions they are curious about. These contents have been prepared in a way that does not go beyond the habits of e-commerce user behavior. (That is, we did not produce content for a long time. Reason: The incoming user wants to review the product and make a purchase. We should not have done anything to negatively affect this behavior.

We have prepared explanations to encourage purchasing for some, if not all, products. We started to see the contribution of this in a short time.

We planned Social Media and Google ads. When we started getting good returns, we increased the budget and started the remarketing processes. In the Search Console analysis, we determined the landing pages of the top 100 words and supported those pages with periodic campaigns.

Again, we made connection plans for the relevant landing page. We focused on the link sources revealed in competitor analysis and the link sources we determined. When we got the links, we observed an improvement in the rankings again.

We produced blog contents. Interesting headlines, tips that benefit the end user, and calls to action that direct you directly to the product. We used the blog side not only to direct the product, but also to accumulate remarketing audiences and then target the visitors who come to the blog side.

We knew that improving the number of product models and prices also contributed positively to the SEO process. We did this for the Aslı Gold brand as well.


Success story created by Ayhan Karaman on

The journey from scratch to success.

Technical knowledge and experience alone are not enough. If you want to be successful in E-Commerce and SEO, issues such as operational, customer relations, after-sales and logistics have a serious contribution to this. Aslı Hanım directed this part incredibly well. Of course he is in Istanbul, we are in Samsun.

What steps await your comrades who will receive consultancy or training from you? With what kind of process do you climb those success steps?

Ayhan Karaman:
When SEO is done really well, Google won't be insensitive to it and rewards our website. SEO has always been a channel worth investing in. I think I have prepared a good online SEO training for people who will be trained by me to realize their dreams and goals.

You ask why?

Ayhan KARAMAN SEO training courses prepare you for real-life SEO situations. The educational journey should not only proceed with ready-made videos or sets. Especially on the SEO side, this should not be the case. We must shoulder to shoulder and work together. At this point, I personally deal with my students through their projects and conduct studies to increase performance.

In fact, the SEO training I mentioned is an activity that will help you develop the skills you need for rankings, access expert knowledge about the web, ask as many questions as you want, and be in the process of continuous learning and development.

Learn first, then take the task and complete it. Consider a training where deficiencies are identified together, rectified together, baseline checked, and performance improvement tracked. Imagine a course where you can ask as many questions as you want, receive lifelong consultancy and learn about SEO.

People who will receive training and consultancy can keep their expectations high. Because I keep my promise.

You tried to understand Google. So what conclusion did you come to? So clearly what does Google expect from us?

Ayhan Karaman:
Google expects whatever users want from us. I would like to explain by example.

If the user is looking for winter tires, show him the winter tires and don't offer him the benefits of winter tires! Already when you search for winter tires, we will come across web pages selling winter tires. Here we see that Google is a search engine that also understands users' intent.

We must configure pages, content, and sites based on users' search intent. This is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

Is there a step that can be taken for a site to be noticed by Google as soon as possible after it is published?

Ayhan Karaman:
The healthiest thing would be to add our site to the Google Search Console tool and use the Google URL Inspection tool. For the sake of getting a fast index, we should stay away from artificial studies. As soon as we open the site, the contents are okay, we are ready for the marketing side, we must find a way to bring real users to the site immediately.

Your "SEO Team" content is really liked in the industry. Good for your labor. For those who do not know; SEO Team. We wanted to prepare a question for each player that was not mentioned in your content. Although some of them are strange, I believe they are curious topics.

What we say before asking questions

1. Goalkeeper - Security

At the bottom of each site, we see an article stating that all rights are reserved. This question is about patent and registration processes. After purchasing the domain, the domain is registered to us. Anti-theft and privacy packages are also available. But it doesn't sound like enough.

What we say before asking questions

What can be done to avoid theft of the site idea, site articles and images? What kind of a way should we follow in order to write all rights reserved?

Ayhan Karaman:
It does not seem easy to avoid this here. Anyone who wants to buy will buy again. It will be challenging, but it would be the most logical to seek your rights by legal means. So I'm talking about registering images. I also recommend DMCA for content.

2. Right-Back – Speed

You have mentioned many steps such as coding and optimization in your article. The files we have the most trouble with are GIFs and images. I heard somewhere that the .png format makes the website more difficult. You are also a frequent user of images, and some of your post covers also have GIFs, but the loading time of the images and GIFs on your site is seriously fast.

What we say before asking questions

What do you owe site speed to?

Ayhan Karaman:
Recently I gave up on image types with .gif extensions. It is difficult to optimize. My theme optimizes the GIF topic, but I still don't want to use it. If it is to be used, I recommend using it after shrinking it a lot.

Also, it's time to use the .webP visual type. I can recommend the ShortPixel plugin for WordPress.

 3. Left-Back – Clean coding

This question is for those who want to make their blog a multilingual site.

What we say before asking questions

Multi-language sites / should the most use. should it use? Will it cause any pollution to our sitemap?

Ayhan Karaman:
If you provide services in more than one language, it means you are targeting more than one country. If you are targeting for another market, I recommend the subdomain route. It would be more logical to have instead of I think it would make more sense in terms of managing both performance channels and the site.

If there is a version of the page in a different language on pages belonging to different languages, I recommend using language tags. (Hreflang tags)

Let's get to the sitemap. You should have the URLs you really want to index in the sitemap. It should not be otherwise.

How is it possible to rank in searches of foreign countries with our pages prepared according to that language?

Ayhan Karaman:
It's the same in every country on the basis of SEO. What has changed is the dynamics of that country. What are the competitors doing? Where does he get the link? In which channels are they active? How are the ingredients? What is the search intention? It is imperative to do better than the competitors who dominate these and direct the sector.

4. Stoper - Architectural Building

When we buy our domains, we also buy the history. After I got the negerekir address, I requested to remove hundreds of URLs one by one from Search Console, even though they were not listed in google. Should we redirect URLs to pages, categories and homepage that may be related to a 301 redirect?

What we say before asking questions

How do we deal with the history of our domain?

Ayhan Karaman:
It would not be right for us to redirect a page that has nothing to do with us. If it is not illegal things that the domain name has done in the past, we shouldn't be a problem. Especially, we should never redirect to the main page.

5. Stopper – Availability

We can make improvements on our site by noticing that some pictures and buttons are pressed with temperature maps even though there are no links. But sometimes people click on common spaces in a way that I don't understand.

What we say before asking questions

Make sense of usersamWhat should we do when our behavior becomes more frequent?

Ayhan Karaman:
If the expectations of the users are in this direction and this is a situation that is getting more frequent, we should also try to link and observe the results.

6. Midfielder - Words

Some tailed search words can be very close to each other. For example, we want to rank for both the keywords "I want to do SEO" and "how do I do SEO". But when you use it in every subtitle, it emerges as a result of a repetitive article.

What we say before asking questions

After a while, will Google give us a ranking for the other keyword that I do not use?

Ayhan Karaman:
Google is a very smart search engine. You know those two words have close meanings, and if your content is truly meaningful, it will reward you. Of course, it is much more important to write a comprehensive content about SEO How-To, examine the sites that rank in the words you mentioned and take action accordingly. The end of everything will go to competitor analysis. Within this keyword, within such links, within ads 😊

7. Right Open – Source

You have created both blogs and e-commerce sites so far.

What we say before asking questions

According to your experience, if you say one for blog and one for e-commerce; Which platform do you get the most visitors from?

Ayhan Karaman:
The search intent of the two parties is different. One is generally used to make direct purchases, and one is used to obtain information or to be directed.

On the e-commerce side, the consideration of categories plays a much more important role. I didn't mean product pages and other pages should be ignored here. There is a need for product descriptions, high-quality photographs, and prices at which we will compete with the competitors.

On the blog side, success lies in producing very high-quality content, adhering to SEO fundamentals to a great extent, and introducing ourselves.

8.Midfield - Internal Optimization

What can we do that works well on our top landing pages?

Ayhan Karaman:
I am always nervous about doing something in the name of internal optimization for my pages with good average position and good organic traffic. Yes, something is wrong, but when it is arranged, you can go to very bad positions in the word that it is in the first place.

I take this risk, my title, meta description and similar criteria are wrong, don't wait 1 minute if you say you will fix them.

We should improve mobile and desktop speed, and explore ways to do better in terms of user experience.

What should the H1 title of the homepage be? Is it the website's motto? Is it the subject he is most interested in? Brand?

Ayhan Karaman:
I would like to give a clear answer: Brand

9. Striker - Links

The strategy you're gifting with the Screaming Frog license is truly awe-inspiring. I leave your video at the end of the question.

I have a blog post and I give enough information, but there is another resource that I really like what it offers. I want my visitor to read that information as well and I am directing. Like I talk about your articles and videos in this interview and give directions.

What we say before asking questions

Will linking to other sites reduce the value of my site?

Ayhan Karaman:
If the site you will refer to is not an illegal and non-beneficial site, it will never harm. In other words, linking to the site will never hurt you. If the user is happy, they are happy on Google.

10. Offensive Midfield - Content and SEO

Where can we follow Google's new decisions and updates on SEO in the best way?

Ayhan Karaman:
From here:

11. Left Front - Mobile

We would like to ask this question in terms of both mobile and computer. We think it is really an important issue, but while preparing our site, we made such a search, but we could not find the answer on the internet.

What we say before asking questions

How many points should the headings and paragraphs be in Computer and Mobile view?

Ayhan Karaman:
I'm dropping H1 26px other title tags hierarchically. I am using the content texts as 13px. Mobile and desktop are the same.

You are the person we take as an example in terms of advertising strategies. Contrary to what is customary, the logic in your giving importance to the number of views in your advertisements is a reason for us to follow all your works.

Ayhan Karaman's Story


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