Have a good time with your child at home with 27 Ideas

Educational activities for my child, How can I spend productive time with my child?

Childhood is the most important period in our lives. Whatever we are going to be, we will build in this period. It is the mothers and fathers that form this foundation. The best gifts you can give your child are the time you spend warm, productive, fun and educational. While we spend time with them, we leave our real worlds, return to our childhood, dream and discharge with fun. Let's talk about how we can make use of these good times that we can give them and ourselves.

Educational and entertaining activities with the child

We talked about simple but unexpected activities to events you have never heard of. We are really excited and look forward to your trial and comments.

Becoming the leading role of play scripts by making children directors

Dress your kids like a director. Prepare his chair. Do whatever the late asks you to play. Let him choose your outfit too. Let's see how wide your child's imagination is and how good your acting is!

Experiment with shooting short films

Look, this is an event we're sure you'll have a lot of fun with. Think of it like stories created on TikTok. But let there be a story. Considering what you can shoot already, even we started having fun. ?

Complete puzzle

Puzzle is as meaningful as it is fun. Because the triumph of beginning and ending gives people insatiable pride. But the most important benefit of puzzle; It helps to raise the IQ level. This benefit of puzzle-making, which we have said by reading from research, is based on the fact that it forces the person to think and reason.

The players themselves; will force them to use their general knowledge, memory, spatial display skills, logic and problem solving skills. Even starting this game for your children will be a source of great pride for you. When you turn your finished work into a painting and hang it on the wall of your house, we seem to see your position in front of it ...

Preparing a quiz

This form of play, which you can make for your children both for their self-confidence and to see their shortcomings with fun, will give you a lot of joy. If you say where to find the questions, we searched for you, the application we found is below.

In this application, it is possible to compete with other people. At the end, you will be able to see what you are missing or good at because it reports the questions you have solved.

Click for Children's Quiz and Question Bank Program

Talking memories

You will be surprised to see how interesting it is when you tell your kids about their memories of the years they don't remember. You can tell them about their beautiful features and make them proud of their actions. In this event, which will cause you to have warm moments with the family, you can continue by telling your favorite memories with your spouse, parents or your own childhood.

Talking about everyone's dreams

What is more important than feeling that you care? Your children's dreams may be different from what you think. Listening to their thoughts from them will make you realize some things you may not have noticed. It will give him the enthusiasm to take steps for these dreams.

Suggesting that everyone voices the good and bad traits they think about each other.

It is obvious that we all know each other more or less in the family. However, hearing this with our ears and witnessing that moment with our eyes sometimes causes very different emotions. Who knows, your child has noticed which beautiful feature of you that you did not even notice. Who knows, you will learn about a bad feature of you that you did not notice but should actually not do. You, your child, your spouse and you can try this out. We hope good things will be spoken 🙂

Playing name, city, animal game

Again, it is a very fun and challenging activity. Believe me, your children will have been able to have fun that night you played.

Making music from household items

Never miss the importance of art. If you think that your child's emotions will only improve in this activity, you would be very wrong. Every activity related to art will be very beneficial for your child's IQ (Intelligence Level) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence Level) and the perspective on everything will change. The noise will be half an hour at most. You can stand it.

Reading short stories, learning lessons

You read some of them and have him read some of them. The short stories will not bore him because he will encounter the striker parts more quickly. We recommend that you don't read too many separate stories, it is more important to talk about it and think about it for a while.

Trying to make mimes

Let's suggest a video tutorial right away. We are very curious how it will happen 🙂

Repairing broken items together

If you know how to recover your broken items, don't do it yourself. Doing this with your child will both teach him the solution and your child will share the pleasure of success.

Making cake, pie together

Include your child in this plan, if you have cake pastries to make.

To leave the fashion to the children and to be the judges who comment

Let your kids make their own combinations and sit across from them. Comment and rate the results 🙂

To dance and sing together by opening foreign language teaching dances on Youtube

Let's give an example right away, you can search for other videos if you wish.

Watching animated movies

Looking in family albums

Allowing them to play computer and phone games for a period of time

It is also not right to spend time with your child all the time. Sometimes you have to leave it alone and not completely deprive it of technology. Although technology is described as harmful, it is definitely not true. Once the child lock settings are made, you won't have to worry.

Making a paper airplane

Teach, supervise, and leave the rest to its design. Let him paint his plane, draw it, fold it that way. This will efficiently keep him entertained for a long time.

Running race

Making small experiments on magic

This activity, which will be a lot of fun, is sure to improve fast movement, reflexes and intelligence. You can of course find experiments for children on Youtube. Still, let's give an example.

Conducting simple experiments

We can recommend the Mad Scientist's Experiments Book to you. Encountering scientific events at a young age will be invaluable. It is also certain that he will always remember these days 🙂 You can of course find experiments for children on Youtube. Let's give an example again.

Playing / teaching chess

Playing / teaching backgammon

Playing / teaching games with cards

Playing Okey / Teaching

Drawing each other's picture


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