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What materials are needed for summer camp? Camping equipment recommendations

When it comes to camping, all the stresses line up! So what are the requirements for camping? How should he buy camping equipment, where should he buy it and which ones should he take with him in what condition? We did not write this post without camping! Don't worry, we'll tell you everything but everything… Let's start right now.

Benefits of the camp

  • Be fit
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Getting rid of bad energies
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Discover yourself
  • Getting away from the mess
  • Freedom to

Even those who do not like to travel cannot give up again after trying the camp. In fact, contrary to what is expected, it is a non-dangerous type of holiday. It is really good to camp in Turkey. Because the people who do camping activities are people who want to get away from the stresses like us. They are more people of nature and open to innovation.

If we add the hospitality, cooperation, and protection of the Turkish culture, it can not beat its taste. You go to the sea and look at your neighbor's tent. You return, they have prepared coffee. In the evening, a collective agreement is made, a meal is prepared together. Camping is the place to share. It is special… What can not be passed without mentioning is its seasons. Summer, winter and spring are separate.

There is an issue we are afraid that it will bother you. There are necessary ingredients according to the season. Some of these materials should be really high quality. In line with our research and experience, we would like to say the following;

Summer camp supplies checklist

Camping mat
Air pump
Camping pillow
Foldable table
Camping chair
First aid and care kit
Camping stove
Camping cookware
Camping teapot
Coffee pot
Camping bag
Cooler bag
Camping cup
Dishwashing wire
Fire box
Night light
Head lamp
Picnic mat
Track suit
Swimwear / Bikini

Advice on materials for summer camp

Arpenaz Fresh & Black tent

(2.6 Kg) Decathlon

This sun and waterproof tent is the best you can find for hot summer days! For larger Fresh & Black tents Click here.

Cooler backpack

(Empty 480 Gr, Capacity 20 L) Decathlon

This insulated bag, which made a serious difference after our trials, will be of great use to you.

If you are not driving to the camp, do not fill your bag with food and drink. Instead, you can place your other belongings and use it as a normal bag. After placing the items in your tent, it would be more logical to get your meals and drinks from where you go.
Of course it depends on where you go and how you go. The decision is yours!

Camping bag

(Empty 1.7 Kg, Capacity 71 L) Decathlon

Since this bag is 71 liters, of course, you should not put 71 liters of items in it. Totally collecting all heavy items in one bag is a big mistake for health. The purpose we see here is to carry your long items such as your tent on the back. Definitely number 10 in lumbar support, this bag has shock resistance. There are as many pockets as you would like. ? We are very pleased!

Camping mat

(210 Gr) Decathlon

It is the most basic of mats. Although it is not recommended for comfort, it is light and useful. Cuts from the cold on the ground. It prevents sinking. But if you wish a more comfortable holiday, read on. It is compatible with the tent.

Automatic inflatable mat

(1.1 Kg) Decathlon

This mat, which is more comfortable and of medium weight, swells spontaneously. You will need to give the last breaths for full swelling. But you won't have to carry a tool like a pump. It is a mat with proven durability. It is compatible with the tent.

Air mattress

(2.8 Kg) Decathlon

I cannot do without comfort, if necessary, I can carry it on my back, but for those who want to sleep like that! This is the camping mat we use. In order to equalize the weight of this in our bag, we do not take most of the unnecessary items with us. We bought this bed for 2 people. But now he only has one personality. This is our recommendation. You can also look for other beds if you wish. It has passed the endurance test. You can check the compatibility of your tent. For larger beds Click here.

Foot pump

(50 g) n11

We bought this very light pump from Decathlon. Currently not available on their site. We wouldn't want to suggest a different site, just so that the shipping charges are not paid separately.

Model of the pump we recommend: Air Hammer 12 ″ / 30cm Inflation Bestway

Foldable picnic mat

(650 Gr) Decathlon

If you can't bear the weight of the chair, if the price hurts you, and lastly, if you like sitting on the floor, this is the best, but best picnic blanket! Dirt does not collect dirt, it is waterproof, it folds and becomes tiny. It has passed the wear resistance test.

When I drive our dog, I even lay it under the car. The reason is that it never gets any lint or dust on it. Once he looks at the shake.

Foldable camping table

(1.6 Kg) Decathlon

This table, where you can buy larger ones, makes people camp and take a picnic just because of its sweetness. This extremely durable table becomes the size of a laptop bag when folded. It adds pleasure to your enjoyment. You can find the price and detailed information of the recommended table from the images in the gallery.

For the small table Click here.
For a table for 2/4 people Click here.
For a table for 4/6 people Click here.

Foldable camping stool

(1 Kg) Decathlon

This chair, which is not very comfortable but has a good price and weight, can be useful.

You can view the stools and chairs here, click here.

Foldable camping chair

(2.8 Kg) Decathlon

This chair with a cup holder is really good price compared to all other prices. Sturdy and comfortable.

Running shoes / Sports shoes

(180 Gr) Decathlon

It is a shoe we once bought when it was a price performance product. We still use it. You will be surprised by its flexibility and comfort. With this product athletics socksAnd we think the two of them are the perfect team together. There is never sweating, nor does it create odor since there is no sweating.

The only drawback is that it can get dirty right away. But it goes away when washed or cleaned with shoe cleaner sprays.

Inox stainless firebox

(500 gr) Nurgaz

Are you going to a place with a lot of wind? It is a box that prevents the wind and is beneficial for the soil (the coal does not remain on the ground). Piece by piece, it fits in a small bag that is assembled and sent back with the product.

Tiny pot pan + Ilgaz cooker set

(215 gr) Nurgaz

The saucepans, which are very suitable for 2 person dishes, include the cooker set and go into the cover that comes with the product. It takes up little space and is not heavy. Its handles are very strong and fire resistant. It can be washed in the dishwasher.

The firebox in this set is special; windproof and self-lighter. The cartridge in the set is 230 grams. When you want to buy a new cartridge here Click here. For camping kitchen supplies Click here.

Camping teapot

(210 gr) Nurgaz

Of course, you can find this type of teapot at more affordable prices in your city's bazaar. But we recommend it if you say from the internet. Tea in the camp is beyond question, its importance. You can find the price and detailed information of the product from the images in the gallery.

As we come to the end of our words, we would like to say this to you. Getting rid of the mold! Just because you are camping, you do not have to abide by the camping rules. So you're not camping because you took an inflatable mattress. Don't care about anyone's comments. If the important thing is to get good feedback from your activity, get rid of your molds!


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